2007 Tenor Malbec $48 (Sold Out)

2007 Tenor Malbec  $48 (Sold Out)


Malbec is often the most underestimated of the Bordeaux varietals. Offering exquisite tannins, an amazing purity of fruit and ethereal, floral tones, this versatile grape exhibits great potential. The challenge for any winemaker working with world-class Malbec is to craft a palate to match. In the 2007 Tenor Malbec, we nurture these hallmark qualities of the fruit and combine them with a fully integrated palate, resulting in the truly complete package. As promised, an experience in a bottle.

Tasting Notes

This wine exhibits a glass-staining garnet color, almost black at the center, with a nose of complex hibiscus tea, blackberry jam, and black currant. Before swirling, enticing aromas of perfumed pepper and rose petals emanate from the glass. The palate is opulent and dense, revealing great structure and ultra-refined tannins. The finish is long, persistent and ends with a lingering floral note. As are all Tenor wines, the 2007 Tenor Malbec is deisgned to age, and may be enjoyed from 2011-2017.

This wine was tasted with a Riedel Vinum (leaded) Shiraz/Syrah glass.


Allow the bottle to warm to slightly below room temperature before opening. Pour the wine into a decanter and swirl mildly every 15 minutes over a period of 45 minutes to an hour.

Your glassware should be tall and slightly narrower than a usual Cabernet glass. The ideal glass is the Riedel Vinum series Shiraz/Syrah, to provide plenty of aromatic volume with the narrower profile for aromatic focus. 7/1/2011-12/1/2011

The wine will be tasted, and the drinkability will be updated every six months.