2007 1:1 $78 (Sold Out) (120 Cases Produced)

2007 1:1  $78 (Sold Out)
"Amazingly complete, completely amazing."
— Winemaker, Aryn Morell


While the goal of the Tenor wines is to make world-class single varietals, the goal of the 1:1 is to produce a world-class Bordeaux style blend from the best Washington vineyards. Traditionally, the 1:1 will be a blend of Cabernet, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec. While each growing season is different and will therefore produce different single varietals for the Tenor label, each year in Washington is exceptional in some regard. We can therefore commit to our mailing list that the only wine we promise to make every year is the 1:1. Our goal with this wine is to produce the most complete wine possible; a wine that would be company with the great blends across the world. As 1st release of the 1:1 has shown, we are on our way. 



Tasting Notes

Initially, the nose fills with strawberries, blackberries and currants. A heady mix of heavenly caramel, crème de cassis, Asian spices and deep plum soon follows. A superb example of how the nose of a blended wine can offer everything. Swirling reveals a richness of fruit that is flawlessly ripe and perfectly balanced. The palate is rich and creamy, a simultaneity of grace and power. Fruit, spice, plus highly refined and well integrated tannins complete the experience. And the finish never ends. Above all else, balance and completeness continue to be the hallmarks of this remarkable red blend.

This wine was tasted using a Riedel Vinum XL Cabernet glass.



Allow the bottle to warm to slightly below room temperature before opening. Pour the wine into a decanter and swirl mildly every 15 minutes over a period of 45 minutes to an hour.

Your glassware should be tall and broad, preferably Cabernet in style. The ideal glass is the Riedel Vinum XL Cabernet. 7/1/2011-12/1/2011

This wine will be tasted, and the drinkability will be updated every six months.